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Welcome to Sun:Sets Nation!

Go behind the scenes and peek into the life of Chicane through Sun:Sets TV, featuring his favourite tracks, some familiar faces and his trusty sidekicks, Juno and Scoob. It’s probably not what you expect....

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The Place You Can’t Remember, The Place You Can’t Forget

Album   |   2018







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    Often seen as one of, if not the seminal Trance originator. With the track Offshore he refined cool in the dance genre, the name Chicane became synonymous with Ibiza and sunsets, and quality music, an aural security blanket. Saltwater followed on and became a UK top five hit. Worldwide success was sealed with a collaboration between Chicane and Bryan Adams, Don’t Give Up from the hit album Behind the Sun. The track has reached the number one spot on the UK Singles Chart, indeed it was number one globally. Now recognised as a dancefloor classic, it was one of the first dance collaboration tracks to reach such heights. In addition to his work as Chicane the artist, he has worked with and produced music with Cher, Sir Tom Jones, William Orbit, Natasha Beddingfield and composed for TV and film.

    Chicane’s Sun:Sets podcast series has been making fans crank up the volume for over six amazing years. It’s has over 11000 downloads per day, and is syndicated on over 70 radio stations. Emoting the message ‘from the beach to the dance floor’, the legendary podcast series brings you some of the top tracks from today's hottest artists, films, and more. Sun:Sets has evolved into full compilation albums, with Chicane's release of Sun:Sets 2018, and Sun:Sets 2019, a variety of the hottest music you've heard across the podcast and beyond. Now, Chicane is excited to launch Sun:Sets TV, bringing you a new perspective of the Sun:Sets podcast. Featuring music, interviews, and more, it gives a peek into the life of Chicane and the making of the podcast.

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