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After Sun:Sets is a new podcast hosted by Nick Chicane along with his co-host Diamond John, talking about how life was and how life is today, discussing life on the road and taking in everything from hangovers to hovercraft's! The show is genuine and light-hearted look at topics such as mental health, recovery and peoples quest to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

A huge thanks to all the fans who listened to season 1 we had an absolute blast with amazing guests on including Matthew Wright, Marcus Brigstocke, Billy Billingham, Sister Bliss and many more. If you missed any of it its all available here for free on patreon
Season 2 announcement coming soon…
Watch life's tales:

Chicane’s Sun:Sets podcast series has been making fans crank up the volume for over six amazing years. It has over 11,000 downloads per day, and is syndicated on over 70 radio stations. Emoting the message ‘from the beach to the dance floor’, the legendary podcast series brings you some of the top tracks from today's hottest artists, films, and more.

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