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FFTMC (symphonic rehearsals) - ALBUM OUT NOW!

A question often asked in relation to Chicane's music is why it's not used in creative film and movies more often. And that's a valid comment to make. Those who listen to the music understand the depth and the nuances so suited to visuals, and know that it cannot be confined or fenced in.

Yet, even though it has already soundtracked countless situations and memories in the almost thirty years since its release, Chicane's debut artist album now welcomes an album-wide adaptation that allows for an even easier translation to film: 'Far From The Maddening Crowd (Symphony Rehearsals)'. With strings and orchestration — scored and conducted by Joe Duddell (Elbow, James, New Order, Alison Moyet) — spearheading the reworks, this symphonic reimagination of the 1997 album too sends shivers down the spine.

From opening track 'Early', which feels like awakening after a first romantic date, to the palpable dance rhythms in 'Offshore DC' and the mysterious quality of 'Red Skies', the album harnesses the warmth and depth of real players (The Hallé and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra) and captures something AI cannot: emotion. So sit back, take a breath, listen and let the music paint the pictures in your mind.

Watch out for an announcement coming soon for the once in a lifetime live symphonic show, for more information

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