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The Greatest Misses - ALBUM OUT NOW!

I’ll keep this short. With the last studio album reaching dance number one in nine territories, the follow up has to be..... well, in Chicane world it’s a celebration of your greatest misses over the last few years; as yet an unprecedented album title I believe.

One Thousand Suns, No Ordinary Morning, Hiding All the Stars, Oxygen, Come Back featuring Paul Young. All tracks that have been tagged, ‘I can’t believe that wasn’t a hit’ not by the artist but by fans and industry personnel, (hey, what do the y know.).

This I must stress is not a play on a greatest hits album, it is genuinely tracks that were either released at the wrong time, or dare I say, a little ahead of their time; Hiding All the Stars would fit right in on mainstream radio today. Mistaken, and mistimed? All chosen by the artist.

Sometimes we should all embrace our mistakes, a new days light shines differently on them.....